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Blu Ray Bomb

Laugh till it hurts on Blu Ray with My Best Friend’s Girl

My best friends girl its one of the best comedies of 2008. Dane Cook supported by a great cast due the job just fine. I think what really makes this movie work its the great cast behind the lead actor along with great writing and also the way the full cast deliver the jokes, which are very funny by the way. This movie its definitely an adult film with some what of a romantic twist,so send the kids to bed and sit back and get ready to enjoy this hilarious movie. Excellent 1080p video quality delivered in 1.78:1 aspect ratio and spectacular 7.1 Dts-HD surround sound. This 2 disc special edition includes unrated and theatrical versions of the film along with a digital copy and also plenty of extra content not seen in theaters.

Blu Ray Junkie Rating- Buy
Best Blu Ray price Online-$26.99 @ Amazon.com

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" Righteous Kill falls short on blu ray"

Al Pacino and Robert De Niro have done great movies in the past, and who can forget such classics such as Heat. But in this movie they team up to bring this mediocre movie that does not meet any of our expectations that we all have grown accustomed to from these two great actors . This movie comes up short in many ways, like a bad back up cast to a d- story line,and to top it of 50 cent the rapper is in this movie for crying out loud. This movie starring two of the great actors of our time and i hate to say it should be skipped if possible.As far as the blu ray, it looks great in jaw dropping 1080p and sounds really good in 5.1 surround sound, nothing much to look forward in the extra content.

Blu ray Junkie rating- Pass/Rent
Best price online-$23.99@ Amazon.com

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Get 1 Free Blu Ray at Amazon

Nothing like more Blu Ray Movie deals to get the New Year started. Amazon has currently sent out promotion emails that gets you 1 free Blu Ray when you buy 2 Blu Rays.

Buy 2 Blu Ray’s Get One Free Deal

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Pineapple Express finally arrives on blu ray

Seth Roguen and James Franco really out do themselves in one of the best comedies of 2008. This is one the funniest stoner movies that i have seen in a long time. From beginning to end this movie will make sure that you dont forget all of the funny lines.Also an awesome story that will keep you guessing what happens next,to an brilliant acting job by the entire cast, to an excellent picture and sound that would have you blasting your surround sound, and also plenty of content not seen in theaters. What more can you ask for in a blu ray comedy.

blu ray junkie rating- must buy
best blu ray price online-27.95 w/free shipping at amazon.com

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Eagle eye hits blu ray

This action pack film starring Shia Labeouf brings a lot to table, from plenty of chase scenes to beautiful cgi that surely wont disappoint. From beginning to end i would use the phrase “adrenalin rush ” to best describe this film. Outstanding 1080p picture quality to unbelievable 5.1 surround sound and lots of extra content make this film a must see for 2009.

bluray junkie- strong rent

best blu ray price-26.86 at walmart.com

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Incubus Alive at Red Rocks blu ray

This live concert blu ray from this awesome band contains hits such hits as stellar, and one of my favorites pardon me. Not only being shot in outstanding blu ray quality in 1080p in red rocks on July 26 2004. This blu ray would keep you coming back for more if your a fan, so turn up your audio system , and kick back and enjoy. Extra material includes bonus audio tracks and backstage and sound check and more.

Must buy , great holiday stuffer. $17.99 at Best Buy.

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Death Race Arriving Soon on Blu Ray

I’m looking forward to this movie coming out on Blu Ray soon. Death, car racing and a hot chick. What else can you ask for?

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Score one for Blu Ray this Holiday Season

The Dallas News has released a story on strong holiday Blu Ray sales. What does this mean for all for the Blu Ray enthusiast. That means that the Blu Ray high definition format has begun to pick up steam. I cannot begin to stress how much Blu Ray was riding on this holiday season to make an impact and improve market share. The more sales of Blu Ray products bodes well for us.

It means this format has LIFE and doesn’t seem to be going where for a long time. I’v been tired of hearing all the bad press about Blu Ray and that it’s likely to be short lived. The article goes on to say that Blu Ray players are the preferred gift of all HD TV owners.

That shows us a ton. I’m happy to report on this here at BluRayBomb.com. Score one for the Blu Ray format, ya hear!

US Today Gives You 10 Good Answers on Blu Ray

USA Today released a great article today on the benefits of Blu Ray discs. It gives some pretty solid answers from an unbiased source. If most of you have seen recent articles, you’ve noticed some nasty bickering on the subject if whether Blu Ray is worth it. We’ve heard everything from, HD downloads are better or that DVD looks just as good…

The article goes on to lists answers to some of the most common questions consumers have.

  • Why do they call it Blu Ray?
  • What do I need to watch Blu Ray?
  • Can you really see the difference between Blu-Ray and DVD?
  • Are all Blu-Ray players the same?
  • Should I buy now or wait for the prices to drop?
  • Do I need to replace all my DVDs with Blu Ray discs?
  • What features do Blu Ray movies have the DVDs don’t?
  • Will my sound system work with Blu Ray?
  • How large a selection is available on Blu Ray?
  • Rather than buying Blu Ray, shouldn’t I wait HD downloads?
When I look at these questions, it helps me realize that Blu Ray really hasn’t taken the public by storm yet. A lot of people have basic questions about Blu Ray that need to be answered. Until people have better grasp of the benefits of Blu Ray and just how better it is than anything on the market, Blu Ray will continue to struggle in the marketplace.
Oh yeah, honestly – HD downloads? DVD the same as Blu Ray? Please someone take these people to a Best Buy and have them stand side by side!

Shawshank hits Blu Ray

There are movies that come along once in a while, a very long while that are really special. Shawshank Redemption is one of those movies. IF you can get over the fact that TBS has shown this movie more often then those recent FrankTV commercials, you’d be very wise to pick this one up.

Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins play the roles of their lives as they play best friends in Shawshank prison. You’re not going to buy this movie for the special effects, resolution or because it’s plays in 1080p. The reason you’re going to pick this up is because of the story. I don’t see you buying a better Blu Ray this season in terms of story.

Lowest Blu Ray Price – 19.86 at Walmart

This movie sucks me up every time I watch it. The narration by Morgan Freeman is on par with Stand By Me, for those that can remember. Pick this story up in Blu Ray high definition. It’s one you won’t soon regret.

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