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Get 1 Free Blu Ray at Amazon

Nothing like more Blu Ray Movie deals to get the New Year started. Amazon has currently sent out promotion emails that gets you 1 free Blu Ray when you buy 2 Blu Rays.

Buy 2 Blu Ray’s Get One Free Deal

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Top Five Must Buy Blu Rays for Christmas

Ok, Ok, Ok. So you’re buying someone a Blu Ray player for Christmas and you don’t know which Blu Rays to pick up in addition to the Blu Ray. Our own Blu Ray Junkie has come up with the top five must buy Blu Rays to get for Christmas.

#5-Transformers- this action pack flick is filled with every little boy’s fantasies, robots that turn into cars, and Megan Fox of course. Apart from breath taking special effects and up to minute cgi, you cant ask for a more non-stop action filled bd flick.

#4-Casino Royale- Apart from a great story line, and an awesome cast , this has to be be one of the best bonds ever. Outstanding 1080p picture quality and a crisp 5.1 surround sound, this bond do will do far from dissapoint.

#3-Cars- One of the first bd discs that i saw that made me say “WOW”, for the breathtaking picture quality, the one that put my tv to the test for sure, and also one of my kids favorite movies to watch on movie night,this is by far the best looking bd disc out there in the kids genre!

#2-Iron Man- If you saw this movie in the theathers and loved it, just wait untill you get it home and put it in your bd player. You will surely be the first to pat yourself in the back for a great (home theather) investment. This movie is in that category that you just cant leave out of your list.

1-The Dark Knight-this movie has already grossed over 530,280,200 dollars and was just released this year. the best of the series with out a doubt, no disrespect to the original but from head to bottom this movie is the one that if your
 shopping for the whole set up, this is the one that you need to start with without a doubt.

 Handsdown one of the best movies of all time in outstanding 1080p, 5.1, surround sound with deleted scenes, behind the scenes, commentary, and plenty of versions of the movie to choose from. PERFECT!!!!!

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Black Friday Specials at Circuit City – Blu Ray Deals!

Just picked up today’s paper and wanted to get this out to those looking for Blu Ray deals on one of the biggest days of the year. Circuit City holds no punches as its weekly ad is touting Blu Rays at savings up to 50%. So what Blu Rays are on sale?

From what’s on Circuit City ad it looks like several Blu Ray titles are on sale. I’ve listed them below at $11.99! This is one of the best Blu Ray deals found to date.

Total Recall
The Devil’s Rejects
First Blood
Reservoir Dogs
Clockwork Orange
Terminator 2
The Punisher
American Psycho
The Shining

We all know that Circuit City seems to be a sinking ship. It looks like they aren’t going down without a fight. Make sure to visit Circuit City and pick one of these copies up.

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Blu Ray Deals at Target

We like to share deals here at Blu Ray Bomb. We just found Iron Man, Kung Fu Panda and Indiana Jones on sale at Target.

The weekly ad lists these Blu Rays at $19 dollars a piece. That’s as low as you can find them online and better yet you can have them in your hands today. If there’s a local Target near you, I’d recommend you paying them a visit and picking one of these up at a discount. Here’s the weekly insert.

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$100 in Free Blu Rays with PS3 at Walmart!

Walmart isn’t holding back any punches this holiday season. Word is that local Walmarts will be giving away a $100 gift card with a purchase of a new PS3.

That $100 gift card will make sure that you go home stocked with more than a few Blu Ray’s. Maybe more if they have any Blu Ray sales. Last year, it was pretty slim pickens at Walmart. We’ll keep you posted if we find locations. We’re trying to get a hold of some local ads here but haven’t found any yet. We seen the advertisement on MSN. We’re looking to find out if it’s more than just an early morning sale for the day after Thanksgiving.

You’re going to be hard pressed to find great Blu Ray deals this holiday season but we’ll keep an eye out. Please comment if you’re able to find any more info here.

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Circuit City Plans to Close 155 Stores – Blu Ray Blow Out!

Article Updated – 11/10/2008 to include Circuit City Store Closing List

Circuit City has realized this week that the current economic situation, slumping sales, increased competition and a slumping brand is a bit too much for them to handle. As a result, they will be closing down 155 stores. That’s roughly 20 percent of their 700 stores.

So what does this mean for us? Most likely Blu Ray steals and deals like those that you were able to find when HD-DVD went out of business. Though Circuit City isn’t quite known for its prices on Blu Ray’s you can be sure that you’re going to able to find more than a few deals once they start their liquidation sales.

We’re still not sure which 155 stores will be closed yet. We’ll update it as soon as we know. It’s probably a good idea to ask your local Circuit City Store and also keep an eye out for your newspaper inserts. Those looking for great deals on Blu Ray’s better keep they’re eyes open for this one.
Update: Here’s the link to the stores that are closing. There’s tons of them. Here’s to finding some great deals on Blu Ray movies.
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