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Blu Ray Bomb

Best Blu Ray Concerts

Ok, here we go. I’ve been shopping around like crazy. Hitting Amazon, Fry’s, Best Buy and other electronic stores in the search for the best Blu Ray concerts. Of course, these are going to differ based on musical taste but I had to share what I consider to the best concerts on the market.

  1. Metallica Blu Ray – Live in Mexico City
  2. George Michael – Live in London
  3. Pink
  4. Julietta Venegas
  5. Mariah Carey
  6. Beyonce
  7. BB King
  8. Foo Fighters
  9. ZZ Top
  10. Elton John – 60
  11. Celine Dion
There isn’t a huge selection particularly when it comes to hip-hop. All I was able to find was Eminem, and that was a huge waste of my money. It’s cheesy, crappy and isn’t worth it’s weight in plastic. I also didn’t add Michael Jackson’s “This is it” Blu Ray. I just finished watching it and I wouldn’t recommend picking it up.
I also recommend that whenever you are watching Blu Ray concerts that you do so in surround sound. If you’re not, it really is like eating a hamburger without the meat. Not only should these concerts be viewed in stunning high definition, they should also be complimented with crisp, clear sound. 5.1 should be taken advantage of. Hope you agree.


Blu Ray Concerts

Over the next few weeks, we will be showcasing some of the best blu ray concerts that you can buy.

We’ll be looking at ZZ Top, Mariah Carey, George Michael, Foo Fighters and many others. Hopefully we find some that are of interest to you.

PS3 Drops in Price – Pick Up Your New Blu Ray Player

So they finally did it. For those looking on the sidelines waiting for the PS3 to drop in price, the time has come. For $299, you can get your sweaty palms on a HD gaming machine and a Blu Ray player.

Even though there are more Blu Ray players that are more advanced than the one that comes with the PS3, it’s still a solid one. Buyers will be pleased with the price reduction hits on Sept. 1st.
Though it might be too late in the overall grand scheme of things, Sony caved in and gave gamers a reasonable price in these tough economic times. I mean, launching a new game console for $499 was ridiculous. Only the hardcore fanatics were the ones that bought it the first few weeks it was out.
This new low price should do two things. 
#1 – Extend Blu Ray penetration into the U.S. market. That’s good for everyone.
#2 – Extend PS3 penetration into the U.S. market which might be a little too late as the Xbox 360 and the Wii have a stranglehold in the U.S.
I think Sony should concentrate on its game network when people are playing games online. Currently, they’re getting dealt with from Microsoft.

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Great action ride with "Taken" on Blu-ray!

Going back to the basics when movies deliver great fighting scenes, Taken does a great job keeping you interested enough on a solid story line and a great acting job from Liam Neeson (Batman Begins).

Going back to the basics when movies deliver great fighting scenes, Taken does a great job keeping you interested enough on a solid story line and a great acting job from Liam Neeson (Batman Begins). With plenty of action scenes, Taken is a great all around flick for all action movie fans that would surely not disappoint. Outstanding picture quality and ear shattering Dts-hd master audio 5.1 surround sound makes taken a great stay at home movie. Also included in the blu-ray the 91 minute theatrical and the 93 minute unrated versions of the film, and plenty of audio commentary from director Pierre Morel that are only available in the unrated version, also black ops field manual only available in the unrated version, which gives the advantage to follow the film with a body tracker with (blu-ray profile 1.1) in a picture in picture pop up window, also extra content from the writer and a trivia game and lots of other goodies. Overall, Taken is a great movie that should not be missed and should be added to any blu- ray action fan enthusiast.

Blu-ray junkie rating- Must buy
Best blu-ray price price online-$24.99 @amazon.com
Blu-ray junkie also recommends- Batman Begins, Kingdom of heaven in outstanding 1080p picture quality.

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Nonstop action on "Quantum of solace" Blu-ray

Blu-ray junkie also recommends on Bluray- Casino royale, Dr no, Die another day, Live and let die, For your eyes only ,You only live twice, From Russia with love, Thunderball,and Goldfinger on amazing 1080P picture quality….

Daniel Craig makes his triumphant return as James Bond on this nonstop action packed movie. Bond takes us on another wild ride action filled movie featuring the beautiful Olga Kurylenko, who side by side give us a pretty entertaining movie. Outstanding 1080P picture quality and crisp Dts hd audio that would surely have you on the edge of your seats. I think you’re even able to see James’ Bonds tattoos prior to tattoo removal. Check out ou the high definition details in this movie. Included in Blu-ray special features, another way to die music video, bond on location featurette, start of shooting featurette, on location featurette, Olga Kurylenko and the boat chase featurette , director Marc Foster featurette, the music featurette, crew files behind the-the-scenes clips and finally threatrical trailer and teaser trailer of the movie. Saying all that if you’re a fan of the bond movies or a new comer to the series, this is one of those that must be in your Blu-ray collection…

Blu-ray junkie rating – Must buy
Best Blu-ray price online- $24.86 @walmart.com

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Role Models Hits Blu Ray

Role Models on Blu Ray definitely a must buy! Danny (Paul Rudd) and Wheeler (Seann William Scott) are hilarious and work great together in Role Models. After crashing the business car Danny and Wheeler are court ordered to choose between community service or jail.

Choosing community service they are matched with two kids, Ronnie(Bobb’e J. Thompson) and Augie (Christopher Mintz-Plasse ). 

Nothing great on the Blu Ray disc special features but good laughs nonetheless.

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Good News for Blu Ray

ABC News reports that Blu Ray was a nice surprise this holiday season. Considering the economy is in the tank, Blu Ray increased sales is a great sign for the format.

The Blu Ray format will continue to dig DVD’s market dominance. Further price drops on Blu Ray players will only help.
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Twilight Arrives on Blu Ray – March 20th

The masses await Twilight on Blu Ray. The film and books that have taken US by Storm. Twilight on Blu Ray is a great story that comes to live on a Blu Ray. For those that have yet to hear about Twilight, it’s a vampire story that has came to life from a series of books written by Stephanie Meyer.

Twilight on Blu Ray is a solid suspenseful thriller that does the book justice. Some argue that the film transition could’ve been darker but we disagree. On a large LCD or plasma TV, it might have trouble picking up the darker scenes but overall the film looks great.
Must pick up for fans of the book and a rental for those that are not.
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"The Express" scores big on Blu Ray!

This is the true story of Ernie Davis, the first African American to ever win the Heisman trophy. It tells the story of a boy that came from nothing to have all of the fame in the world from his unbelievable football talent to have all his dreams hit reality. I thought that this movie was very good for not having a popular cast that we have seen in past football movies. Most of the movie is about his young college football career and how he comes to be a contender for the Heisman trophy. It also tells the struggles he goes through, and the obstacles he has to face base on the color of his skin.Overall a definitely eye opener, with plenty of extra content and perfect 1080p video and DTS-HD master audio sound that would have you cheering for Davis through the whole movie. Inspirational film that should not be missed and would be a great addition to any football fan blu ray collection.

Blu Ray Junkie rating- Buy
Best Blu Ray price online- $27.99 @ Amazon.com w/free shipping.

Blu Ray Junkie also recommends- We are Marshall, Remember the Titans, Invincible and Rudy, on outstanding blu ray quality!

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Max Payne dissapoints on Blu Ray

Many have tried to make movies based on video games and only a few have succeeded, but this movie wasn’t one of the lucky ones. From beginning to end this flick was just horrible in every way and even if you were a fan of the video game it was just brutal to watch how awful this movie was directed. The interpretation of the game in this movie was painful to watch from a fans point of view. Awful acting job on many parts, plain action scenes that were mostly shown on the trailer. Plain and simply a horrible movie that a lot of us regret paying for and watching in the theaters. Included in the unrated edition of the movie, commentary from the director John Moore,also a Michelle Payne graphic novel which is basically animated stills that last for 13 minutes,both theatrical and unrated version of the film,also bonus pip- behind the scenes, walk through and cheats and that’s it for the extra content. You can also expect 1080p picture quality that helps somewhat, and DTS-5.1 master audio and a digital copy of the film that seems to be a standard feature on most blu rays now of days.

Blu Ray junkie Rating-Pass
Best Blu Ray price online-$27.85 @ Buy.com w/free shipping

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